: DJ Equipment

Individual Components

Numark iCDMix3 £40
Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk3 £40
Pioneer CDJ 2000 £50
Pioneer DJM600 mixer £30
Pioneer DJM800 mixer £50
Technics SL1210 Deck £20


Basic DJ Package

Numark iCDMix3
2x Fohhn XS30 Subs
2x Fohhn XT4 Tops

Extremely capable and compact package comprised of Fohhn active speakers and the Numark iCDMix3. This versatile combination dual cd player and dj mixer features an ipod dock to allow mixing directly from iphone or ipod. Also features phono inputs for combination with decks. Ideal package for weddings or parties


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Premium Package

2x CDJ 1000 Mk3
DJM600 mixer
2x Fohhn XS30 Subs
2x Fohhn XT4 Tops

High quality package featuring industry standard CDJ1000 CD players and Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer.

Ideal package for small venue club nights (100-200 capacity).


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Elite Package

2x CDJ 2000
DJM800 mixer £60
2x D&B C7 Tops
4x 18" Subs


High End package with top quality equipment throughout. Suitable for large venues or high profile events.

For advice or other configurations please contact us

Range of DJ Lighting also available